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Henry and Effie Osborn at home

Henry and Effie Osborn

Both of Harry’s letters concentrated on the need for them to both stay healthy. In the first, he also told a story about a trick the female students tried to play on him; in the second, he related that his bluest days at Johns Hopkins University were when he worried about disappointing his parents. He also suggested that Effie’s mother could live with them after they were married.

Meanwhile, all of Effie’s concerns were with the results of the presidential election.

“Do you not see that it is your duty to keep strong & well because if I get sick you will have to be strong so as to take care of me.” Osborn, Henry 1884-11-5a

“Darling I meant when I began this letter to have written a most common place letter for I almost suspected from the fact that you apologize so much when ever you tell me that you love me or make any allusion to the way you feel & think about me that I almost began to feel that perhaps I shock you for I go so to the other extreme.” Osborn, Henry 1884-11-5b

“How can a Republican go back on all his Republican principals and vote for such a man as Cleveland?” Osborn, Effie 1884-11-5


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