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West Point, Indiana, 1878

West Point, Indiana, 1878

Harry’s first letter was just a note. In the second, he wrote of his love, complained about some of the students, and described his letters home. The third letter detailed a fossil-hunting outing, during which he went through West Point, Indiana. The crossroads he described is just under “Dimmit’s Add.” The map can be see more clearly at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Point,_Indiana.

Effie’s first letter was mostly a preview of what she would write about in her second: going to hear Canon Farrar’s sermon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederic_Farrar); seeing Margaret Mather in “Romeo and Juliet”; and, a series of thefts at the boarding house.

“I had a splendid day yesterday & will tell you all about it in todays letter.” Osborn, Henry 1885-10-25a

“I shall never forgive them for the way they act & I shall never make any more advances.” Osborn, Henry 1885-10-25b

“I shouldn’t have growled at a dollar for such a filling up as I got yesterday.” Osborn, Henry 1885-10-25c

“…the day was perfectly glorious, and every thing seemed conducive to church.” Osborn, Effie 1885-10-25a

“Oh I got so deathly sick, and from feeling hot, changed suddenly, & broke out in one of those dreadful cold perspirations, and felt a sort of swaying motion.” Osborn, Effie 1885-10-25b


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