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Henry and Effie Osborn at home

Henry and Effie Osborn

Effie hoped to be well enough by the following day to go see the Morgan Collection, art being sold from Mary J. Morgan’s estate. The catalog of the collection can be found at http://research.nyarc.org/digital_projects/gilded_age/31072002472365.pdf#view=Fit. She also wrote a little about their honeymoon plans.

Harry responded to Effie’s questions about ushers for their wedding and about his eyes in his first letter. In the second, he assured Effie that he wasn’t susceptible to the illnesses going around Purdue and he told her more about the magic lantern shows he was seeing.

“I dont feel at all well tonight, and am only going to write a little.” Osborn, Effie 1886-2-18

“I was on the border line of the blue country last night Darling.” Osborn, Henry 1886-2-18a

“I am enjoying my course in Mammalian anatomy[,] have taken the class by lecture through a description of the bones & tendons & cartilage, the muscles & the nervous system & shall begin in a day or so on the digestive organs.” Osborn, Henry 1886-2-18b


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