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Henry and Effie Osborn at home

Henry and Effie Osborn

The common thread through Harry’s letters today was a “dormitory case.” In his first letter, he also expressed his opinion about Edwin Reynold’s career change and about a performance of “The Mikado.” The second letter was mostly about the “case” and how he longed to escape the West. His last letter, the longest, covered his and Effie’s blues, the result of the “case,” and a protracted review of the post office’s response to his inquiry into late letters. The Monon Railroad (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monon_Railroad) served six colleges/universities in Indiana and used the schools’ colors on its cars and locomotives.

“I should hail with delight an attack of sickness like Miss Weed’s for it would not be alarming & would give me a good chance to recuperate.” Osborn, Henry 1886-3-25a

“Dr Smart informed me this morning that the students played their trick on Tuesday night to annoy me[,] that they are talking about Miss Weed & me[,] & that they wanted to see what we were about & designed at first to climb in and peep.” Osborn, Henry 1886-3-25b

“Cant we both brace up[?] Osborn, Henry 1886-3-25c



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