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Henry and Effie Osborn at home

Henry and Effie Osborn

Harry rued sending the letter that had stirred Effie up. In his second letter, he let her know Bermuda was out for their honeymoon and he told her a story about locking himself out of his room.

Effie wrote mainly about her feelings for Harry’s sister Sue.

“I will be patient this week over any delays in your letters or if you write very short ones, for I do realize how very busy you will be & I should be still more happy if I could feel sure that the time you take from me were spent in resting.” Osborn, Henry 1886-4-27a

“Yesterday afternoon as the campus man Elliott was running the horse lawn mower[,] the lawn moving spirit seized me and I relieved him of the machine & cut for nearly an hour till the big shower came up.” Osborn, Henry 1886-4-27b

“Darling I must own that I haven’t forgotten or forgiven Sue’s letters yet, or her performance last summer about the trunk.  There isn’t any thing angelic about me, and I haven’t been able to get over either of those things, and whether I ever will or not only time can tell.” Osborn, Effie 1886-4-27


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